Window Washing – Business Complexes Need the Service

If you have a commercial building in the Portland Or area you need to hire a professional window washing company to clean the window panes. I cannot tell you how bad it looks for an office complex to have dirty windows. Getting them cleaning a cost of doing business and you need to make certain this service is being done at least once a month.

How do you think buildings get natural sunlight? Artificial light is fine but light coming in directly from the sun not only heats the rooms but feels great. In addition to that there is nothing like looking out your office building from nice clear windows and seeing the city landscape. For this to happen the windows need to be cleaned on a monthly schedule.

How much will it cost? The answer depends on how many window panes you have. In Portland Or and Vancouver WA window washing companies usually charge per pane. A pane is a window or unit of glass surrounded by metal or wood. For businesses the charge is $5 per pane with most established businesses and for residential companies its $3 per pane.

In this pricing structure fifteen panes would be $75. I came up with that figure by multiplying $5 times 15. That is really not that much money at all. To get pricing all you have to do is call a window cleaning company and the owner or estimator will come out. It will take him less than twenty minutes for him to come up with an estimate.

After you have the price you need to decide how often you want the company to come out. As said before once a month is fine. In some dusty and heavily wooded areas of Portland you may need to get it done biweekly but that schedule can be modified in the future. The key is to set a professional and reliable company up and make modifications later.

On a side note there is something called “self cleaning” windows. They come stocked with a film, or special sheeting, attached to them that makes dirt unable to cling to them. When it rains from a moderate level to heavy level the rain washes off any debris on the film. They can save you a lot of time but the costs are 20% more. Totally worth it in the long run but the initial capital outlay is huge.

Hiring a window washing company is necessary. Your windows need to look nice and clean for the employees who work inside them and potential clients coming in. Make sure this work is done on a routine basis.

You want to keep your home looking great, but you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself.

We know that Signature Window Washing is a tedious and difficult task. It’s also dangerous if done improperly.

Our team of professional window washers will take care of all your windows inside and out! We’ll clean them from top-to-bottom so you never have to worry about cleaning another pane again.

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